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    Founded in 2004, Tonsor Medical Instrument Co. is a dependable manufacturer of steam sterilizers, ultrasonic cleaning machines, water distillers, and sterilizer sealing machines. Our highly reliable products are widely used in dental, pharmaceutical, medical, and food packaging applications among others for effective hygienic performance. These products can be customized to ensure you can sterilize and remove dust to meet all the required health safety requirements.

    Thanks to our team’s innovative efforts, we have introduced a T&S series vacuum steam autoclave sterilizer that adopts fully automatic computer control and a protective automatic door lock switch, distinguishing itself from the competition.


    We have found great success through the years largely thanks to our outstanding factory and professional research team, as well as our long-term cooperation with a number of foreign agents. We are also always at the ready to provide customers with technical advice and services. Choosing Tonsor is much more than simply purchasing quality sterilization products; you also get the support of our technical team. This collection of experienced professionals have all undergone strict training to better serve our customers.


    Our products can be customized according to your individual needs. This includes the application of your logo and anything else you desire. With rich experience and knowledge developed over the past 15 years, we are fully equipped to solve your various sterilization problems.



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