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touch steam sterilizer

class B Touch Screen Steam Sterilizer

  • class B Touch Screen Steam Sterilizer
class B Touch Screen Steam Sterilizer

With a large touch screen control for 8 programs and 2 tests and an interior vacuum pump, this autoclave will sterilize a wide array of items, especially those that are porous. 3 trays and 2 chamber capacities of 17 and 23 liters respectively are available for the T&S-B series autoclave.

Technical Specifications
Chamber Dimensions(mm) (ΦxD)250x350250x490
Chamber Capacity(Liter)1723
Overall Size(mm) (LxWxH)560x480x420670x480x420
Net Weight(KGS)4148
Gross Weight(KGS)4855
Packing Size(mm)700x580x490810x580x490
Minimum Desk Size(mm)480x400480x500
Power Supply230V, 50/60Hz230V, 50/60Hz
Sterilization Temperature121/134℃121/134℃
Sterilize TimeRefer to cyclesRefer to cycles
Dry ProcedureVacuum dryingVacuum drying
Stainless Steel Instrument Trays3 trays3 trays

  • Large touch screen control for 8 programs and 2 tests

  • The vacuum pump ensures air is efficiently discharged from the chamber with a negative pressure of up to -0.90 bars.

  • This steam sterilizer has a built-in steam generator to ensure a better sterilization effect.

  • The automatic safety door lock system prevents the door from opening under high pressure.

  • The sterilization chamber is made of a polished stainless steel, ensuring a higher quality and durability.

  • The cycle data can be transferred either to your PC via USB or to the printer for direct printing. The steam sterilizer also features real time monitoring.

Sterilization level  

Class B

special sterilization  

HIV,HBV, Mad Cow Virus   and Bacillus


Touch screen

control accuracy   

Temperature 0.1 , pressure 0.001bar


Safety valve, automatic door lock, fault self-check, over temperature   and over pressure protection

sterilizer configuration 

5 layer movable frame with 3 trays



sterilization temperature   


drying program   

Powerful vacuum drying

test system  

BD test ,vacuum test, Helix Test

sterilization data  

USD and printer

water supply system 

Built-in 4L clean water tank


Medical special stainless steel 304, the maximum working pressure is   2.3bar, the minimum working pressure is -0.8bar, and the maximum working   temperature is 136

sterilization water consumption


  •  large touch screen         stainless  steel chamber 

 safety locking system      data transfer