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ultrasonic cleaner machine

ultrasonic cleaner machine--plastic model

  • ultrasonic cleaner machine--plastic model
ultrasonic cleaner machine--plastic model

power :   AC220V±10%

Frequency :    50/60Hz±1Hz

Working power :   40KHz

capacity :   5L

inner size  :  240×140×150mm

overall size  :  320×220×270mm

packing size  : 360×260×340mm

weight :  5.4kg  




The cleaning time is continuously adjustable (1-60 minutes),

the temperature is continuously adjustable (20-80 degrees)

the power will be cut off automatically when water is lacking.


The appearance of all stainless steel, beautiful and generous.

Low-noise design, keep the clinic's quiet environment, special equipment blue, 

suitable for precision, small and frictionless equipment (such as high and low handpieces)

The clear control board, full digital display, handy when working.

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