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sharp shape steam sterilizer

14L,17L,23L class N autoclave

  • 14L,17L,23L class N autoclave
14L,17L,23L class N autoclave
  • This steam sterilizer has a built-in steam generator to ensure a better sterilization effect.

  • A clear LCD screen displays the temperature, pressure, working time and other operating states for different stages, including filling, sterilization, exhausting, and drying.

  • An automatic safety door lock system prevents the door from opening under high pressure.

  • The sterilization chamber is made of a polished stainless steel for a high quality and longer durability.

  • This autoclave steam sterilizer supports automatic operations. It has two programs.

  • This autoclave steam sterilizer is certified to CE, ISO and TÜV standards.

 built-in steam generator    wide LCD diaplay

 Solid aluminum door disk safety door lock 

Technical Specifications
ModelTS 14NTS 17NTS 23N
Chamber Dimensions(φxD)25*28cm25*35cm25*49cm
Chamber Capacity14L17L23L
Minimum Desk Size48*35cm48*40cm48*50cm
Power supply230V, 110V, 126V
Sterilize Temperature121/134℃
Sterilize Time4-18 mins
Dry ProcedureVacuum drying
Stainless Steel Instrument Container2 trays

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