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sharp shape steam sterilizer

14L/17L/23L class B sharp shape steam sterilizer

  • 14L/17L/23L class B sharp shape steam sterilizer
14L/17L/23L class B sharp shape steam sterilizer


has automatic door locker system, over temperature and over pressure safety protection, 

automatic feeding fresh water and drain waste water. 

wide LCD display, shows errors directly in screen , 

it is more convenient for us to communicate with each other when the machine is in problems ! 

Sterilization level  

Class B

special sterilization  

HIV,HBV, Mad Cow Virus   and Bacillus


Touch screen

control accuracy   

Temperature 0.1 , pressure 0.001bar


Safety valve, automatic door lock, fault self-check, over temperature   and over pressure protection

sterilizer configuration 

5 layer movable frame with 3 trays



sterilization temperature   


drying program   

Powerful vacuum drying

test system  

BD test ,vacuum test, Helix Test

sterilization data  

USD and printer

water supply system 

Built-in 4L clean water tank


Medical special stainless steel 304, the maximum working pressure is   2.3bar, the minimum working pressure is -0.8bar, and the maximum working   temperature is 136

sterilization water consumption



Model                      T& S14B  T& S17BT& S 23B 
ChamberDimensions(mm)(Φ × D)  250× 270  250× 380  250× 500
Chamber  Capacity(liter)    14L17L                           23L
OverallSize(cm)(L× W× H)  48× 48× 5248× 56× 4248× 67× 42 
Heater                            1600W    1800W        2000W 
Net Weight(KGS)                  37  46.5  56  
Gross Weight(KGS)                 45    55              65    
Packing Size(cm)    68× 60× 50    73× 60× 50  87× 60× 50
Minimum DeskSize(cm)        48× 35  48× 40    48× 50   
Power Supply          220± 10%, 50/60HZ, 10A
Sterilize Temperature   121/134
Sterilize Time                    Please refer to different programs.                    
Dry Procedure    Vacuum    drying  
Sterilizer Construction        Stainless steel       SUS#304    
Water tank      internal
Stainless steel instrument  container:        3trays

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